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Latest Updates – INFORMATION UPDATED 09/12/2018

AHS Board, Administration, Staff and Students are wishing Mr. Francis White Lance a speedy recovery and hope he gets well soon, he is missed at AHS. We want to recognize the kindergarten class of Ms. Roxanne Cottier’s who sent “GET WELL” cards to Mr. White Lance.

Testing has started in all of the classrooms. As we determine groups for reading and math, students can still be moved between classrooms. It is our goal to keep our classrooms with no more than 10-12 students per teacher/aide in the classrooms. We started head checks last week and will continue on a weekly basis.

Remember to put the back to school pow-wow on your calendar for next week. As I stated last week, we have embraced two major areas in our School Improvement Process which are documented in BIE’s Native Star program. Our first goal is to work more on the Parent Engagement Indicators (which we started with our enrollment day), the other indicators that the AHS School Improvement team has decided to focus on is our Lakota Language, History and Culture Indicators. The Lakota surveys we received from our enrollment day, gave us valuable insight on what you the parents want for the Lakota indicators. We intend to sponsor monthly Lakota Nights in addition to our monthly parent engagement nights, and parents asked for part of the homework that is sent home, that it be Lakota Language, so they can work with their students on the Lakota language. Our Lakota Team is led by Betty Robertson (in the absence of Mr. Francis White Lance) along with Lolita Attack Him, Jonas Horse Looking, Shawna Evans, Bar Haas and Martha Provincial. Their philosophy is :  

Our team is working hard to reinforce the Lakota Language in school and at home. Every 2 weeks we will sent home a list of Lakota words we are learning and school and would like your help at home to reinforce them. Our goal is to build our student’s Lakota vocabulary.

The words that the team is working on in the classroom will be put on the back of the weekly note and on the American Horse School website:

The letters to Bob’s Gas, LaCreek Electric and Lynn’s Dakota Mart will go to these businesses on Tuesday September18th, along with the list of people’s names and receipt number. You can take your receipt and go to the business and tell them you want a gas or electric credit for $50.00 or groceries. If everything is in place, I will let you know in next week’s weekly note on 19th September. Thank you for all that participated and helping us get your students properly enrolled at AHS. Dr. Gloria J Coats-Kitsopoulos

  • 12th September- FACE Family Circle 5:00 pm
  • 14 September- NO School (Training)
  • 15 September- Queen of the Net Tourney A- Team Only @ AHS
  • 15th September-Football Jamboree @ Rockyford 10am
  • 17th September- Football 5th & 6th grade game @ AHS
  • 18th September -Volleyball & Football VS WKDS 3:30
  • 18th September -5:00-6:00 pm Parent Training: Childhood Checklists/Milestones & Developmental Norms (Birth-5th Grade) with Jill Miller; Mind, Body and Medicine with Betty Robertson
  • 19th September Cross Country @AHS
  • 20th-September Volleyball @ Rockyford
  • 20th September- Back to School POW-Wow- Early dismissal @ 2:00 pm
  • All parents and student’s welcome supper at 5:00 pm, Grand Entry at 6:30 pm in AHS gym
  • 20th September- AHS Board Regular Finance Meeting in business Office @ 5:30 pm
  • 21st September – No School, South Dakota required Non-Contact day after school night activity
  • 27th September- Language Arts Night, supper @ 4:00 pm,
  • Students are not dismissed early, they will stay until after the play!!
  • 21st September – No School, South Dakota required Non-Contact day after school night activity
  • 21st September- Teca Wacipi Okolakiciye Red Cloud /OLL
  • 22nd September Football @ Pine Ridge 10 am

Lakota Words for 12-30 September

Lakota Word English Meaning Lakota Word English Meaning
Igmu cat Tahca Deer
Sunka Wakan horse Maka Skunk
Zintkala bird Zuzeca Snake
Hehaka elk Hihan Owl
Cetan Hawk Hoka Badger
Mato Bear Sungmanitu Tanka Wolves
Magakscia Duck Igmu Tanka Mountain Lion


Public Information Links:

South Dakota 6th Grade Vaccination Requirements (School entry requirements for South Dakota 6th grade students include):

  • One dose of Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis)
  •  One dose of MCV4 vaccine (meningococcal ACYW)
  • The requirements apply only for 6th grade entry and transfer students 6th–12th grade
  • If a child is 10 years old when entering the 6th grade they have 45 days after their 11th birthday to be vaccinated
  • Read more at this link

Equal Opportunity Provider (USDA) Notice

Parents – please download and read the Flu Letter if you don’t have a copy here:

Parents – please review the Parent-School Compact Letter if you have not seen or signed it here:

2017 Consumer Confidence Report and Certification Links Below:

2017 CCR Certification

2017 Certification Report

Civil Rights Training: Civil rights training specific to the federal child nutrition program is an annual requirement and must be completed each new program year. All employees that deal with student eligibility, meal service to students, and their direct supervisors are required to complete this annual training. The training slides can be accessed here.  The following personnel who trained this year can be accessed here.


Vision Statement

We will stand together to create a healthy learning environment so that our children at American Horse School will have the opportunities to acquire leadership competences for building a better future by achieving a level of greatness experienced by our people carrying on the values that are uniquely and beautifully Lakota.
September 2018