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Welcome to American Horse School

Latest Updates – INFORMATION UPDATED 01/16/2019

There will be a 2 – Hour Late Start (January 17th)

We are still doing our Mid-Year testing this next week.  Please ensure that your students have plenty of rest and attend school.  These assessments help to accurately excel your student’s academics and meet their academic needs.  Please talk to your students about the importance of putting their best effort into them.

  • 16th January FACE Family Circle 5:30 pm
  • 17th January- Girls Basketball Game Home against All Girls School at 3:30
  • 18th January- NO SCHOOL for students. Native Star Professional Development Day
  • 18th & 19th January- C team Bigfoot Conference Tourney TBA
  • 21st January- NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • 22nd January- Boys Basketball and Cheerleading Practice Starts (Students have to be Eligible and caught up on all their work).
  • 24th January- Boys Basketball game @ Todd County 3:30
  • 21st-22nd January- B team Bigfoot Conference Tourney @ Little Wound
  • 22nd & 23rd January-21st Century Afterschool Program 3rd-8th grade 4:30-6:45 pm
  • 23rd-24th January- A team Bigfoot Conference Tourney @ American Horse School
  • 8th Grade Parents/Guardians Please remember to send in donation for concessions.
  • 24th January- 8th grade class will be doing a bake sale in the afternoons (this will be every Thursday)
  • 29th & 30th January-21st Century Afterschool Program 3rd-8th grade 4:30-6:45 pm

Intermediate Lakota Words


Hoksila (Boy)                                     English Term                           Wicincila (Girl)

Ate                                                        Dad                                         Ate

Ina                                                       Mom                                        Ina

Tunwin                                               Aunty                                      Tunwin

Leksi                                                   Uncle                                       Leksi

Ciye                                                     Older Brother                          Tiblo

Misun                                                  Younger Brother                     Misun

Tanke                                                  Older Sister                             Cuwe

Tanksi                                                  Younger Sister                        Mitankala

Cinksi                                                  Son                                          Cinksi

Cunksi                                                 Daughter                                 Cunksi

Lala                                                     Grandfather                            Lala

Unci                                                    Grandmother                           Unci

Tunska                                                 Nephew                                   Toska

Tunzan                                                Niece                                       Tozan

American Horse School

Parents/Caregiver Read A thon

Come in the month of January, February until March 15th

Parents and Caregivers of American Horse School Students are invited to join their child/children during the Dr. Seuss Read A Thon. The classroom teachers will provide books for you to read to your child. Once you have read a book to your child, the teacher will give you a certificate that can be turned into Jodi for a book at the book fair.

A special thank you to the American Horse School Board and Administration for providing this opportunity for our children.

Scholastic Bookfair March 25th– April 5th

The top 3 readers in each class will be rewarded and the class from each grade level that reads the most words will have a class celebration.

Any questions please contact Jodi Richards at 455-1209.

Public Information Links:

South Dakota 6th Grade Vaccination Requirements (School entry requirements for South Dakota 6th grade students include):

  • One dose of Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis)
  •  One dose of MCV4 vaccine (meningococcal ACYW)
  • The requirements apply only for 6th grade entry and transfer students 6th–12th grade
  • If a child is 10 years old when entering the 6th grade they have 45 days after their 11th birthday to be vaccinated
  • Read more at this link

Equal Opportunity Provider (USDA) Notice

Parents – please download and read the Flu Letter if you don’t have a copy here:

Parents – please review the Parent-School Compact Letter if you have not seen or signed it here:

2017 Consumer Confidence Report and Certification Links Below:

2017 CCR Certification

2017 Certification Report

Civil Rights Training: Civil rights training specific to the federal child nutrition program is an annual requirement and must be completed each new program year. All employees that deal with student eligibility, meal service to students, and their direct supervisors are required to complete this annual training. The training slides can be accessed here.  The following personnel who trained this year can be accessed here.


Vision Statement

We will stand together to create a healthy learning environment so that our children at American Horse School will have the opportunities to acquire leadership competences for building a better future by achieving a level of greatness experienced by our people carrying on the values that are uniquely and beautifully Lakota.
January 2019