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1st Quarter Accelerated Reading Incentive Awards Day

On Monday November 23, 2015, American Horse School had their first AR incentive assembly to reward and recognize our students’ great effort in their reading for the first quarter. Every year our students are rewarded for their reading in three ways. First they can win the class competition the class that hits the most of their goals out of their group’s wins a party (ice cream, pizza, etc.). Second they can reach a 100% of their goal for the quarter. Lastly they can gain enough points to get into the point clubs. This year’s theme for our AR reading is Superhero’s and Super Powers.

The winners of the first quarter class competitions was Miss Bonnie’s in the Titan division, Miss Mabel’s in the Avengers division, and the Buffalo’s in the Marvel division. We had 40 students earn their way into the first super power point club of healing, 10 students into the second super power point club of Omni-Linguist, and six students into the Clairvoyance point club.

Exciting news for this year is that the Kindergartener are participating with an at home reading club. The Kindergartners have an adult read to them and can receive points toward the AR incentives.

Read the individual results (this link)


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