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Queen Of the Net Tournament Winners – Saturday, September 15th, 2018

American Horse took 1st Place, Red Cloud 2nd Place, Batesland 3rd Place, and Pine Ridge 4th Place – Great Job All 

 2018 Fall Sports Schedule –

All Football and Volleyball games will start at 3:30pm and Cross Country will start at 4pm.


@Oelrichs                            Sept. 6th

Little Wound Jamboree   Sept. 8th 10am

Vs. Red Cloud                      Sept. 11th

5th & 6th Jamboree             Sept. 15th

@Rockyford 10am

Vs. W.K.D.S.                        Sept. 18th

@ Pine Ridge 10am          Sept.22nd

Vs. Wolf Creek                    Sept.25th

@ Little Wound                  Sept. 27th

Vs. Bennett Co. 5pm         Oct. 2nd

Vs. Loneman                       Oct. 4th

Vs. Crazy Horse                  Oct. 6th

@Porcupine                         Oct. 9th

@Rockyford                         Oct. 11th

@Todd Co. 5th & 6th          Oct. 13th

Vs. Todd Co.                        Oct. 16th

@ Batesland                        Oct. 18th

Am. Horse 5th & 6th           Oct. 20th

Little Big Man Tourney

5th & 6th Jamboree             Oct.13th

@ Pine Ridge

Playoffs Begin                     Oct. 22nd

Cross Country

@ Red Shirt                         Sept. 5th

@ Little Wound                  Sept. 12th

American Horse                 Sept. 19th

@ Loneman                         Sept. 26th

@ Red Cloud                       Oct. 3rd

@W.K.D.S.                           Oct. 10th

@ O.L.L                                 Oct. 24th FINALS


Vs. Our Lady of Lords                   Sept. 4th

@ Loneman                                     Oct. 11th

Vs. Red Cloud                                  Sept. 11th

Queen of the Net Tourney          Sept. 15th

A-Team ONLY @ American Horse

Vs. W.K.D.S.                                    Sept. 18th

@ Rockyford                                    Sept. 20th

Vs. Wolf Creek                                Sept. 25th

@ Little Wound                              Sept. 27th

@ Todd Co. 4:30 ct.                      Oct. 1st

Vs. Red shirt                                    Oct. 4th

@ Batesland                                    Oct. 6th

@ Bennett Co. 5pm                      Oct. 8th

@ Porcupine                                    Oct. 9th

@ Loneman                                     Oct. 11th

Vs. Crazy Horse                              Oct. 15th

Vs. All-girls School                         Oct. 16th

Vs. Oelrichs                                     Oct. 18th

B.F.C C-Team Tourney @ W.K.D.S.      Oct. 26-27th

B.F.C B-Team Tourney @ Loneman     Oct. 29-31st

B.F.C A-team Tourney @ Crazy Horse Nov. 1-3rd


Vision Statement

We will stand together to create a healthy learning environment so that our children at American Horse School will have the opportunities to acquire leadership competences for building a better future by achieving a level of greatness experienced by our people carrying on the values that are uniquely and beautifully Lakota.
January 2019